Win new customers with our sales community

Multiply your sales contacts and efforts through a strong network

Sales and business development always costs money, but from now on it won’t cost quite as much. Save up to 75.03% or even 93.99% to conventional sales projects.

In the past years Balzer & Partner has permanently dealt with the challenge of how to reduce sales and acquisition efforts for companies in a globalized and digitalized world. Through our experience of countless sales and marketing projects over the past 20 years, we have managed to optimize processes and tasks to a high degree of performance as well as automate them without losing sight of the human factor.

Some possibilities that have proven profitable and useful during our projects and activities have been further developed, embedded deeper into our own processes and used for internal projects only for the time being. After the successful proof-of-concept, this systematic approach has been applied more and more intensively in our project business over the last few years and has since ensured many successful completions and new insights.

These insights have led us to further expand our system once again. As a result, we can now offer you an exciting and innovative service that combines many current topics and offers promising opportunities to further expand your market position and win new customers and new markets for you.

Due to our additional focus on specific industries and target groups, you can save between 75.03% and 93.99% of the otherwise incurred costs with our “Business Matchmaking”.

The prerequisite is that you or your company are active in one of the following industries

  • Renewable energies
  • Electromobility
  • Public utilities & suppliers
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Engineering
  • Digital economy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Human Resources (Recruiting, PE, BGM…)
  • Consulting (process optimization, purchasing and procurement…)
  • Coaching

Our goals

  • Our primary goal is to build a strong community with “Lead- and Matchmaking” and to actively support the members in continuously gaining information and market insights, competitive advantages and of course sales opportunities.
  • We want to help people and companies to face current and future challenges, both on a business and financial level, in a more relaxed way, to break out of familiar patterns and to be even more successful with our help and our network.
  • Through the targeted networking of market participants from complementary sectors and industries, we want to leverage synergies and hitherto unused potentials.
  • In addition, our community members should be able to learn from each other, with the focus on celebrating success together and growing in partnership. Success depends not only on methods and technology, but also on the people in their environment. And we want to provide the right environment
  • Digital and systemically clever matching solutions in combination with our proven sales methods to find the best possible constellations on a national and international level
  • To understand, couple and intelligently implement sales and marketing in an innovative and cooperative way
    To cultivate a strong and cooperative community mindset. To be successful in partnership, with each other and together through our bundled swarm intelligence

How do you benefit from our community?

  • Shortening of your sales effort. We have existing contacts and networks in and for the above-mentioned industries and can often celebrate “quick wins” by bringing together the right people and companies in a timely manner.
  • Benefit from our purchasing and procurement synergies. As part of the community, we can spread the costs we incur for our joint services and goals evenly over several shoulders. This makes it cheaper for each individual than going it alone or in conventional project business.
  • We proactively market your service offering to potential customers at decision-making level
  • Permanent networking and matchmaking to continuously bring you into the conversation
  • Intelligent sales systems, structured campaign management and building a robust sales pipeline
  • Use us as your personal contact and sparring partner as well as your sales spearhead
  • AI-powered lead and trend scouting to identify new sales opportunities, markets and target groups

How can you become a member?
The first step is your application. You will then receive an e-mail with the next steps! We will make an appointment for a free and non-binding initial video call.

In this meeting we will check together if the “Lead- and Matchmaking” is in accordance with your and also our expectations, so that all  conditions and requirements for a successful cooperation can be guaranteed.

Apply right here
We look forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you as a new member of our community in the near future.

More info?

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