Industry sectors

Public utilities and energy suppliers

There was a time when the business model of public utilities and energy suppliers was simple and clear: the commodity business. For decades it seemed as if this status quo would not change. Nowadays, however, a number of companies face the challenge of repositioning in a liberalized and consolidated market environment.

The market is changing rapidly and relentlessly. The drivers of these changes are obvious: the expansion of renewable energies, advancing digitalization, decentralized power generation or general climate policy pressure. Not to forget the increasing competitive pressure, which keeps pushing more and more.

When securing your own structures, it definitely helps to discuss the topics of possible (re)positioning of your business model and sales strategy in relation to these changes. How can you take advantage of existing customer relationships? What concepts can apply to electric mobility? Which companies could you work with to build a strategic partnership?

From the development of new business models to operational sales activities, Balzer & Partner supports you in all phases of your business. We are especially helpful in the early stages, when specific strategies and roadmaps have not yet been developed. With our support, you can define and implement custom solutions.

We are the right choice for you, especially if you work in one of the following areas, projects or technologies:

  • Commodities
  • Energy distribution
  • Energy trading
  • Energy purchase
  • Energy consulting
  • Electromobility
  • Tenant power supply
  • Smart meter rollout
  • Gateway administration
  • etc.

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