About Balzer & Partner

We do the translation work

Taking care of your sales, advancing your business development, training your employees to set up a more efficient sales department – we consider this translation work.

Often, people fail to understand that they need your products and services. Although they need them. They may just not understand the “why” and the greater purpose. We find a language that your employees and customers can both understand.

This language changes, because we adapt to each target and customer group, as well as to each contact person and decision maker.

We rely in particularly on our experience in the area of personality development and systemic organizational consulting to find individual approaches and levers. These enable you and your employees not only to sell successfully, but also to cope with different customer types and personalities.

Intimidated by customers and losing focus under pressure? We help with the content and psychological translation. Breaking things down based on factual and emotional topics makes the key arguments and motivations clearly understandable for all sides. This creates the ideal foundation for successful communication, which ensures a cooperative sales pitch and a stable customer relationship.

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