What clients had to say…

When carrying out an EDP analysis project in our company, Mr. Balzer planned and organized the project processes involved, selected the appropriate employees and candidates for the project implementation and divided them up as part of the project planning. Mr. Balzer also took over the implementation of the internal employee survey. The cooperation with Mr. Balzer and the smooth process during and after the project were extremely successful and to our complete satisfaction. We wish him all the best and much success for his professional and private future.

Head of IT organization, luxury goods industry

As part of an evaluation of our existing application server landscape, Mr. Balzer took over the candidate selection and qualification for the project. The candidate found, who both carried out the inventory analysis and took over the moderation of the workshop, was exactly what we hand in mind and wanted. The cooperation with Mr. Balzer was to our complete satisfaction and we wish him continued success.

Head of Groupwide Services, pharmaceutical wholesaler

What did you like about the presentation, in particular?

– Sympathetic trainer

– The topic of customer benefits

– Humanity of the lecturer

– Practical

– Open discussion

– The trainer

– Sharing a lot of experiences

– Good atmosphere

– Great presenter!

– Interesting presentation, a lot from personal experience!

– Good!

– Structure

Diverse participants
Coaching participant

What did you like about the event, in particular?

– Case studies. Very practical. FANTASTIC!

– Fantastic rhetoric, everyone was excited, the atmosphere was relaxed 

– Great practical relevance, many examples, tips and tricks

Sabine R.
Coaching participant

… with a little distance from our “workshop” and just before my vacation, I would like to say: “You made me think”. I’m still thinking about a number of the ideas.

Bernd W.
Coaching participant

… Thank you for the great training this morning. I’ve learned a few new things. Now it’s all about successful implementation. Would appreciate a repeat.

Norbert K.
Coaching participant

… Otherwise I can only confirm my positive impression 2 weeks after the program and I am convinced that this effective training and the content have brought me at least one step forward.

Christian M.
Coaching participant

… All in all, I can only thank you again and would be happy to be able to participate again in 6 to 12 months in order to review some things and learn more.

Martina U.
Coaching participant

The trainer was very good … I’d agree to continue our telephone training because his direct and open manner and how he makes criticism and suggestions for improvement are very helpful when making calls under real conditions.

Oliver H.
Coaching participants

Mr. Balzer helped our company find and select candidates and consultants across projects in various subject areas. The cooperation and exchange in recent years has always been goal-oriented, successful and to our complete satisfaction. We thank Mr. Balzer for his commitment and support. We wish him continued success and good luck both professionally and privately.

Department Manager Support Systems, Mobile Communications

We use Balzer & Partner for our sales activities in HR consulting and have had consistently positive experiences. Despite the complex facts and sales cycles, we reach a large number of very well qualified leads quickly, which offers enormous potential for new customers. No matter what the task is, there are no time-consuming preliminary meetings or debriefings. The process started immediately. In Balzer & Partner we have found an extremely reliable, flexible and competent partner.

Jan P.
Branch manager, HR consultancy

Given his extensive knowledge in customer acquisition and retention, he tailored the modular sales training precisely to our company needs. Mr. Balzer is highly recommended as a trainer. He manages to convey “dry” topics in an entertaining and vivid way. We would like to expressly thank him for this.

Bereichsleiterin ProjektHead of Project Managementmanagement, HR consulting

With the workshop on Saturday, you showed us a path that we can and want to take together with you to build up our sales department. The professional quality was high and exactly as we expected. We would be happy to continue having you as a coach.

Managing Director, SAP consulting

Mr. Balzer helped the Quality Management department find and select a consultant in a specific topic. Mr. Balzer did this with great dedication, successfully and to our complete satisfaction. Mr. Balzer comprehensively considered all our needs and wants regarding the consultant’s know-how and experience and then found the right candidate.

Christian N.
Leiter IT-QualitymanagemHead of IT Quality Management & IT Consultingent & IT-Beratung, energy company

His task was to select and arrange a suitable, experienced employee for our project controlling. On the basis of the requirement profile we set up, Mr. Balzer prepared a candidate selection and presented suitable candidates. We found a very suitable candidate among the ones presented by Mr. Balzer in the first round of introductions. We then hired that candidate. Since the candidate was ideally suited to our team, both professionally and personally, we kept him busy for a total of 2 years beyond the originally planned time. During that period Mr. Balzer inquired about our satisfaction with the candidate at regular meetings. Working with Mr. Balzer was very pleasant, always constructive and focused on the best possible solution for us as customers. We wish Mr. Balzer all the best for the future and continued success.

Harald N.
Vice President Customer Service, IT & Organization, energy company

… In a highly competitive market, he managed to successfully position our as yet unknown brand and products vis-à-vis established and well-known companies. In this way, he laid the foundation for successful contract negotiations. The customer was expecting me for every appointment, so I was able to start the sales talks well prepared. … Contrary to the usual opinion that companies should not give their sales activities out of their hands, let alone outsource them, I can only say: give it a try, it works great!

Hans T.
Managing Director, geothermal heat pump manufacturer

The implementation of the sales concept we developed with you set the course for our successful project. At the time, however, the stars were not in our favor and the schedule for our project was difficult. This is why I need to emphasize that, thanks to your strategic and operational sales support, the project was successful in a short period of time. Your consistent management of our customer relationships also paid off, and in the end the project gained the desired momentum. Thank you for your systematic and comprehensive sales work. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Matthias K.
Managing Director, economic institute

Sympathetic and uncomplicated, Mr. Balzer helped us with sales issues and laid a trusting and honest foundation for working with our customers. His professional way of working and focus on service orientation compliment his winning nature. The implementation of projects with him is characterized by a positive energy that is contagious to the entire project and all those involved. We look forward to further joint projects.

Sascha S.
Head of Technical Services, energy service provider

Balzer & Partner quickly and precisely analyzed our needs and the specific problems of our industry. Targeted, efficient lead generation and an above-average hit rate in the acquisition quickly generated results for us. The quality of the collaboration exceeded our expectations.

Bernd S.
Managing Director, production service provider

We work very successfully with Mr. Klaus Balzer in the area of training and continuing education of our sales employees. The key to this success lies in Mr. Balzer’s expertise, a result of his long-standing experience as a coach and HR consultant. This lends him a natural authority. At the same time, however, he also has the didactic skills to convey this knowledge to others and electrify the audience. This is the foundation for the daily applicability of his sales training and practice days. Our sales staff appreciates Mr. Balzer because of his practical tips and that he always with an “open ear” for individual questions. With his direct but cordial manner, he always manages to present tips and solutions that prove successful in everyday life.

Ulrich R.
Head of Sales, online job board