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Balzer and Partner:
Who are the partners, exactly?

To approach sales with the right perspective and be successful in business, you need to understand people, their objectives and enjoy their company. We therefore focus on people, interpersonal communication and appreciation.

Nowadays we need to think and act in radically different ways. We have to stop pushing products and services that are not yet marketable into a so-called market using aggressive methods. Instead, we should think from a cooperative, partnership perspective, in my opinion. We have to make the customer our priority in a radical manner, or we will waste money and fail unnecessarily. As Steve Jobs noted in his legendary speech at the “Worldwide Developers Conference” in 1997: “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

That is why the “partners” in “Balzer & Partner” include everyone involved in the business: my business friends, interested parties, clients, employees and researchers. Our strategy is an open culture of discussion for this reason.

“Markets are conversations. Markets are made up of people, not demographic segments,” says the Cluetrain Manifesto. This clever pamphlet from the early Internet age summarizes in two simple sentences the philosophy of Balzer & Partner. For connecting with people, the interpersonal communication and appreciation for their objectives.

Balzer and Partner:
Balzer and partnership

Can successful sales work in partnership? Here is what we think about it and why it’s actually quite simple.

Proximity, decency, trust: uncommon terms in today’s business world – old-fashioned, even. We ask: Why is that the case and does it really have to be that way?

The idea that successful sales must be aggressive and dominant has created experts who constantly flood the market with the same myths about uninformed customers. They still don’t seem to understand human-to-human communication. A Darwinian ethic still dominates in sales, although companies are already acting more cooperatively nowadays.

We do not see customers (leads) as victims for whom we lay in wait as a fly-by-night salesperson or businessman and who are caught off guard with a cool trick or some hack formula for success. Instead, we follow an ethically responsible sales and business strategy that gives the sales person enough room for their personality and learning curves and at the same time focuses on the customer and their needs.

Balzer and Partner:
You are the partner!

For a long time, sales and business development were viewed as separate entities in a company. Why this is no longer the case …

Sales and business development are not separate entities that are divided from the rest of the company. And yet, they are often treated this way. This is wrong on a fundamental level. A responsible sales and business strategy must rely on sustainable, cooperative exchange in order to leverage synergies and market potential. It is about being part of a modern, participative corporate culture – both digital and analog.

If you think and act in this way, sales and business development also become an indispensable and integrated part of corporate and employer branding. They represent an authentic outside view of the company. They also celebrate successes together, without getting lost in a prehistoric way of thinking. Then, in conjunction with marketing, they become real “business partners” of the company and can define themselves as a company within the company.

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