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About Balzer & Partner

About Balzer

Balzer & Partner is a specialized consultancy for sales and business performance. We focus on communication with people. You may be wondering what is so special about that and where is the added value to it?

The business world is a much more emotional affair than many want to admit. Most of our supposedly rational decisions are made subconsciously. At Balzer & Partner we support you in understanding and applying this knowledge in such a way that it is profitable and represents a win-win situation for everyone involved. We therefore focus on people, interpersonal communication and appreciation.

There are two ways to interpret “Balzer & Partner”. Firstly, “Klaus Balzer and his partners” and secondly, “Klaus Balzer as a partner” at your side. The latter is the founding principle of my business. If sales and business development are to play a critical role and be a driving force in a company, partnership is a must.

Klaus Balzer

Klaus Balzer, *1973
My career in sales and business development

born in Aachen

Experience in diverse professions: Competitive athlete, fitness consultant, part civil engineer/part businessman, Canada lover, salesperson, human resource manager, Benelux cross-border worker, consultant, coach, entrepreneur.

Entry into sales in the IT industry. Acquisition of a global player for luxury goods and independent development of the SAP consulting division

Key Account Management for one of the world’s leading recruiting companies. Supervisor role at one of the largest energy suppliers and mobile phone companies in Germany

Foundation of Balzer & Partner for professional, customer-oriented sales and recruiting services

Training as a demography consultant; expansion of the recruitment portfolio

Acquire one of the leading economic institutes in Germany as a client

My failure and subsequent restructuring

Pioneering sales and change management project in the field of renewable energies: beginning of the Balzer & Partner framework

Phoenix rising from the ashes: Back with much better operating results. Experience pays off for consultation, coaching and acquisition as well as further developing the Balzer & Partner framework
Training as a “Reiss Profile Master” to support and foster people in their personal developmen

Focus and specialization on the energy industry

Participation in the energy fair “EWorld” and the acquisition of multiple renewable energy customers

Training as a “Systemic Organizational Consultant” to help organizations and people, particularly those in crisis or extreme situations

Acquisition of the largest German energy supplier. Project focus: Market survey and development of new approaches for two specialist areas

Acquisition of an international knowledge community with a focus on developing and promoting innovation in the energy sector

Klaus Balzer im Gespräch

A few words about how Balzer & Partner works


The Balzer & Partner team works on three levels: the strategic, the conceptual – and very important to us –the operational level. We are no flip-chart cowboys who exit the room after a strategy presentation and leave the customer alone with the implementation. As a rule, we try out the strategy live for our clients and their employees.

The fact that everyone learns from one another, that experience is processed immediately and incorporates the optimizations into strategy is evidence of our agile way of working.

Next, we plan tailor-made coaching strategies based on the client’s budget and needs. We can customize these regarding overall and/or individual objectives.

On duty
After developing your strategy, Balzer & Partner works directly for you and begins with operational measures, including networking and matchmaking, telephone sales, arranging appointments and other sales activities.

We always document our activities in detail, and measure and evaluate key figures, in particular. We compare these numbers anonymously with the benchmarks of past projects and can quickly make decisions about adjustments.

When it comes to partnership-based cooperation, transparency and trustworthy exchange of knowledge are always our top priority. We regularly share our information in the form of dedicated analyses, meaningful documentation and detailed reports. Last but not least, through recommendations for action that add value.

Creating value
Some of the development of new products, partnerships, new markets and business areas has its origins in the sales activities of Balzer & Partner. Valuable information and recommendations are also a central component of our business development, which our customers can subscribe to as a separate service.

Klaus Balzer im Gespräch
Klaus Balzer im Gespräch
Klaus Balzer im Gespräch
Klaus Balzer im Gespräch

Balzer & sparring partner:
Klaus Balzer the decision-maker

I am not a fair-weather consultant. That means that I stay, even when things get difficult. I don’t offer useless success formulas or spoil you with sunny predictions. Instead, I offer you straight talk, stand by your side with advice and action, and bring new momentum and invigorating dynamics to your business processes. Whenever markets are tense, when structures are stuck and customer relationships appear to be asleep, my clients see this support as the special added value of my work.

Balzer & discussion partners:
Klaus Balzer the consultant

Many years of experience in sales and business development combined with critical perspective enable me to analyze and assess your business model and sales strategy in new ways. This also includes the point of view of a business owner (which I am, as well). Critical enough to benefit from the necessary distance, but close enough to develop strategies, processes and plans of action with and for you.

Unlike other consultants, I am involved in the acquisition of new markets and clients as well as cold calls on a daily basis. This means I can relate to you and your sales team and draw up a crystal-clear picture of your situation. Not only that, I also offer you concrete options for action, because in my world, words and action go hand in hand. This includes recommendations in situations of severe crisis and difficult periods of development, as well as consolidation or optimization and the expansion of your business activities.

Balzer & business partners:
Klaus Balzer the networker

I have established countless trustworthy business contacts over the past 20 years. My professional career has introduced me to people of the most diverse professions, skills and interests. I know each one personally and value them. I also developed and saved ideas and approaches in the form of concepts, which I use to find the right match on a regular basis. It is important to me that I make my network accessible to everyone involved. Finding added value, common ground and synergies – that’s what my work is about.

Balzer as a training partner:
Klaus Balzer the sales and business coach

My time as an american football player in Canada taught me the value of ambition, teamwork and, above all, personal attitude. It is not only our successes that make us better; our failures also contribute to our development – as long as we learn the right lessons from them. Experience has taught me that you can learn a lot from and grow after failure, both in an athletic, a professional and entrepreneurial context.

I use this insight from sports and my professional career to succeed in sales and help companies. As an experienced coach, I share what I’ve learned, and offer my customers new methods and support them on the way to productive crisis intervention, continuous performance improvement and reorganization.

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