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Our services

Reaching out to the right people – that is our strength.

Successful business development has a lot to do with having the right employees in the right places. But how do you fill these vacancies when the so-called proven concepts and methods for recruitment activities fail to deliver the desired results?

Balzer & Partner relies on the proactive approach and recruitment of potential employees. Our company is one of the German thought leaders in active sourcing. We launched “Global Recruitainment” in 2011. This active sourcing approach is about directly addressing specialists, managers and students. Your desired target groups are made aware of vacancies from our company at an early stage. Use our experience to target and reach out to potential candidates.

What we offer:

  • 20 years of wealthy experience in HR consulting and headhunting
  • Coaching and advice for HR consulting companies and online job board companies in the development, growth and marketing of their services
  • Setup and qualifying candidate pools
  • Networking with potential candidates (national and international)
  • Marketing your job offers (national and international)
  • Active recruitment of candidates
  • Online marketing: Your company profile on Balzer-Partner.de
  • Critical, cooperative and constructive sparring partner
  • Active support of our customers´ HR departments

An overview of our range of services

Research candidate market

  • Active search and direct approach via Xing, LinkedIn, Experteer …
  • #Quick screening of candidates

Agency services

  • Creation and placement of job ads (including Jobware, StepStone, Indeed, etc …)
  • Development and positioning of an employer brand as part of employer branding campaigns

Active sourcing

  • Job ads and company profile on balzer-partner.de
  • (Pro) active search and direct approach via Xing, LinkedIn, Experteer…

Professional search

  • Job ads and company profile on balzer-partner.de
  • Recruitment of young professionals

Executive Search

  • Recruitment of senior professionals and managers

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