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Renewable energy

Although the renewable energy sector is still relatively young, it is becoming very dynamic and brings different players together. All have a similar goal: To establish themselves in a rapidly changing and extremely dynamic market. Dark clouds are currently emerging and the signs of improvement are anything but positive in some countries.

In such situations, it is not uncommon for people to focus on the purely technical perspective and underestimate the actual market development. Given our experience in business development and, above all, how to successfully reinvent and reposition ourselves in rapidly changing markets and economically uncertain times, we are a valuable partner and can provide specific assistant in such demanding times. Among other things, we expand your perspective and scope of action so that you can not only implement the necessary aspects in the development and acquisition of new markets and customers, but also master them skillfully. Regardless of the strategy development, we support you in the implementation of operational topics, in particular: Sales development and support, coaching, business development and performance improvement as well as positioning your company.

This is where Balzer & Partner really shines as a partner. Mainly because of our industry knowledge and experience on the one hand, and our targeted and sustainable methods for business development on the other. We review your business model, see how we can generate sales potential and develop a well-thought-out sales and marketing strategy.

For many of our customers, we not only act as sales unit or sales company, but we also manage and bundle the different interests in order to achieve more as a community than as an individual alone. We also help to make the necessary investments in joint activities more cost-effective and to achieve greater results for everyone. We are also a member of various industry associations in order to make our common voice be heard.

You benefit from our services if you belong to one of the following industries:

  • You are a provider of power generation plants, suppliers or component manufacturers
  • You are a planning and project engineering company
  • You deal with certification and approval procedures
  • You are active in plant operation
  • You are a service & maintenance company
  • You work in the field of environmental technology
  • You offer products and services in the field of electromobility

We are the right choice for you, especially if you work in one of the following areas, projects or technologies:Wind energy

  • Island grids
  • Solar or photovoltaic
  • Certification and approval procedures
  • Feed-in management
  • Terrestrial heat
  • Geothermal
  • Storage technologies
  • Weather data
  • etc.

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