About Balzer & Partner

What sets Balzer & Partner apart from other consulting companies?

The Emperor’s New Clothes

In the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the child dares to raise his voice and out the naked emperor. We sympathize with this child and sometimes we even play that role ourselves.

Over many years of consultation, we have repeatedly seen the discrepancy between the performance on stage and behavior backstage. In our work, we try to keep this difference as small as possible. You need to have the courage to tell it like it is. The idea is not to sell perfection to the outside world, but to bringing a meaningful product to its destination – externally and internally.

Who am I, Mother Teresa?!

Everybody is familiar with the saying, I have nothing to give. And yet, Balzer & Partner occasionally ends up in situations where we need to help immediately, without being able to analyze the risks fully in advance. We study the pros and cons and help. We even like to do this.

Sales, winning (new) customers and market share can be something very existential. It is not uncommon for our clients to call us in when things are already very urgent. Most of the time we are then expected to present immediate measures and deliver results that generate revenue quickly. Our job is to professionalize teams whose motivation is in the basement. And we take part in markets that are already tense. We help keep companies afloat when they’ve been struggling for fresh air for a long time. We act quickly and do what needs to be done in accordance with our understanding of an independent, human and cooperative attitude. Even if the initial investment could be risky. Why?

Because we see the human emotion behind helpfulness and a cooperative attitude behind every business move. We have also endured times of crisis and are aware of the economic and emotional effects they can have on organizations and people.

We have learned from experience and can now pass on our knowledge from reorganization and subsequent success story. In this way, we can accompany, help and support people in coping with similar situations. Trust, solidarity, helpfulness and humanity are key to helping our customers come back from setbacks and crises and grow stronger.

If you find out that your company is in trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We will offer our advice and assistance.

Peace, strength, nature

Sales and business development are mainly about results, speed, acceleration and key figures. Turbocharged facts that need to be sorted in tight periods of time. Nevertheless, we still take nature as an example.

The power that comes from level-headedness and inner calm is found in nature. Every growing season has its time and sometimes something must be transformed so that something new can emerge from it. Does that sound too esoteric to you? Your company is no different. We recognize when it makes sense to set up new campaigns, which requirements need to be analyzed and processed in advance and how to adapt the business model and/or sales strategy accordingly in the next steps. Second nature for us.

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