Klaus Balzer


Start-up coaching / mentoring for start-ups

The early days of a company are stacked with many pitfalls:

  • Positioning and definition of your USP
  • Leadership qualities of the founder / founders
  • Review of the business idea and / or business model
  • Development of the right sales strategy
  • Benchmark and comparison to competitors

Founders and start-ups find a real sparring partner and excellent mentor in Balzer & Partner. The following aspects are critical to start-ups: experience, critical distance, knowledge of various markets and market mechanisms, motivation, resilience techniques, self-organization and discipline.

Who is interested in our services?

You can book B&P coaching and mentoring services in the form of seminars and/or webinars with specific modules or as individual sparring sessions for specific questions. Our services are aimed at startups and founders as well as their teams. We are happy to help!

What can you expect from us?

In mentoring, we create sound market analyses, review your concept and adapt it to your specific target groups. We position it vis-à-vis your competitors, but consider how to deal with failures and the ecological and social responsibilities related to starting a company. Coach Klaus Balzer and his trained staff deal with previously clarified questions. We define time windows for the necessary milestones, develop practical solutions and approaches, and adapt to your level of knowledge and experience as well as your specific needs.

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Possible areas of focus and methods

  • Market analysis and identification of the important markets and customer segments (national and international)
  • Development of strategies for the implementation of the company concept
  • Organization, planning and implementation of sales structures and processes
  • Revision and adjustment of the business plan to avoid risks and explicitly reveal opportunities
  • Dealing with failures and valuable tools for successful crisis management
  • Dialogs and discussions in committee to contribute to and analyze experiences

Possible objectives

  • Improve sales and business performance in Germany
  • Successful positioning of your business model on the market and a clear differentiation from the competition
  • Develop revenue-oriented sales structures
  • Identify and develop specific starting points and action measures
  • Ensure long-term competitiveness
  • Integrate smooth time management easily and effectively into everyday business life
  • Strategies how to further develop your company
  • Withstand the change process of the market
  • Defy challenges and overcome failures
  • Highlight the role and obligations of an entrepreneur

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