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Business Coaching

Coaching can be useful for various reasons:

  • How to do sales and business in Germany the right way
  • Entrepreneurial and strategic development
  • Customer retention and new customer acquisition
  • Winning back lost customers and churn management
  • Business model analysis
  • Leadership
  • Changing conditions in the marketplace
  • Questions of personal matters

Whatever the occasion in your case, we will discuss your individual coaching request discreetly and in detail in a non-binding initial consultation. We then define the objectives for your individual business coaching services. We offer both individual and group or team coaching.

Who is interested in our services?

You can book B&P business coaching services in the form of seminars and/or webinars with specific modules or as individual sparring sessions for specific questions. Our services are aimed at entrepreneurs, the self-employed, freelancers, employees as well as managers.

What can you expect from us?

Coach Klaus Balzer and his trained staff help you deal with the challenges you are facing. We define time windows for the necessary milestones and focus on your individual needs. With sensitivity, a wealth of experience and a high level of comprehension, we develop practical solutions and approaches that will bring you decisively closer to your goal.

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Possible areas of focus and methods

  • The development of the key factors based on our four-stage Balzer & Partner framework
  • Definition and determination of sales and corporate goals
  • Development of a clear positioning and a presentation of specific benefits related to relevant stakeholders
  • Development of a dynamic SWOT analysis
  • How to use your time efficiently and purposefully
  • Learn how to develop strategic sales marketing strategies
  • Strategies for a successful change management
  • Development of a sales pitch based on your individual business model and your objectives
  • Customer communication strategy and sales psychology
  • Combination of keynote speeches, professional exchange and intensive self-reflection with professionally and efficiently moderated processes

Possible objectives

  • Improve sales and business performance in Germany
  • Develop revenue-oriented sales structures
  • Identify and develop specific tasks and action measures
  • Successful positioning of your business model on the market and a clear differentiation from the competition
  • Ensure long-term competitiveness
  • Integrate smooth time management easily and effectively into everyday business life
  • Strategies how to further develop your company
  • Withstand the change process of the market
  • Defy challenges and overcome failures

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