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We help you put your company in pole position with ease.

With our sales and business support, we provide you with comprehensive support in positioning and marketing your technical, complex B2B products and services in national and international markets. Since 2007, we have been supporting companies in the development, establishment and implementation of new business ideas, sales structures and sales processes.

Sales Support
With our digital and classic sales and marketing activities, we combine our best practices from both worlds to put you in touch with the right customers and their decision-makers, both inside and outside our network. We combine the best approaches to attract new leads and customers for you in a timely and targeted manner.

Our focus is on establishing you not as a marketeer, but as an expert who delivers real value to his target group. This creates a trusting basis for all further activities. Especially in the B2B sector, this is immensely important, in addition to personal contact, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Through our national and international network and trend scouting, we help to identify new sales markets and to build up and qualify relevant information on the respective market and customer potentials.

Through our (online) marketing of your service offering, we can connect you with potential customers in a targeted manner.

Business Support
In addition, you and your employees can receive individual advice on specific questions and problems via the included hourly quota.

Quality assurance and best practice meetings
Questions always arise that cannot be anticipated or predicted. With our “QA & BP” meetings, we offer you and your team a format of open questions and best practices.

Are you facing customer situations or processes that are causing problems or seemingly impossible to solve? We support you and your team with pragmatic assistance and immediately applicable solutions. We specifically address these issues and together arrive at resilient results.

Sparring partner
Management and executives also have the opportunity to obtain professional feedback on sales-related matters and personal development processes, and to develop themselves in a targeted manner.

Market and competition monitoring
Listening and understanding is the new selling. We listen on multiple channels and find the “hot topics” of your target groups. Digital monitoring of online and print media, press reviews as well as social media channels for intelligent market analysis to identify important starting points for product development, sales and marketing.

We keep a constant eye on your target markets and your competitors. With the help of our market and competitor monitoring, you are always up to date. We collect information on trends, market developments and insights on your competitors. Our monitoring helps you to develop your business strategy unerringly and to adapt it quickly as soon as there are changes in the market or among your competitors. On the basis of the information we gather, you will regularly receive a valuable overview of where you still need to optimize or in which areas you are already well positioned. This enables you to position yourself more specifically with your target groups and customers, to respond to their individual wishes, and to differentiate yourself more concretely from your competitors.

We carefully evaluate our activities and the individual channels in order to identify and derive valuable experience for future measures.

Our technical affinity, our passion for sales and our know-how we connect you with your desired target groups and markets. We use our existing contacts, networks and relation with decision-makers from medium-sized companies and corporations to open the right doors for you. With our experience in developing new business areas, we help significantly increase the added value and success of your business and sales objectives.

Our sales and business partnership is the perfect fit for you if:

  • you want to do business in Germany
  • you want to develop and win new customers and markets
  • you are looking for qualified access to decision makers
  • you or your sales team do not have sufficient capacities
  • you want to win market share, orders and sales consistently and promptly
  • you want to explore the potential of your business model
  • you want to create free capacities in your company
  • you want to outsource the stress of customer acquisition or cold calling

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