Welcome to a new era in recruiting!

Once upon a time in the world of HR management, companies were constantly following the familiar dance of job advertisements in the hope of attracting the best talent. But we at have written a story of innovation – a story that changes the recruiting game forever and is called “Active Sourcing Flat Rate”.

Active sourcing – the art of wooing talent
Immerse yourself in the world of active sourcing, where we don’t wait for applications, but actively enter the stage. We identify highly qualified applicants and approach them directly before others do. It is the fine art of authentic courting that enables us not only to fill positions, but to build lasting relationships with the best talent.

Recruiting flat rate – clear paths, no hidden routes
With our flat rate, we are your external recruiting workbench. Predictable and with clear, transparent costs. In contrast to traditional commission systems, you save up to 50% of the costs with our flat rate. Your budget remains under your control, with no hidden fees or unexpected commissions.

Unlimited hiring, one fixed price – your recruiting freedom
Our philosophy is simple: unlimited recruitment, one fixed price. Why compromise when you can draw on the full potential? With our flat rate, you can hire as many people as you need without losing control of your budget.

Find out more about the future of recruitment. Let’s find the best talent for your company together and write a success story.

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