About our partner

The IT company timpetools from Moringen was founded in 2008 by Thomas Timpe after many years of project and consultation work in the energy industry.

The standard software from timpetools has helped companies forecast, analyze, price, split and optimize schedules for more than 10 years.

The core competence of the company with seven employees is the development of customer and industry-specific software solutions, primarily for energy sales and trading. The regular advisory work at leading companies in the industry combined with the use of the latest software technologies ensures that the processes are up to date at the highest possible level.

Mission and vision

timpetools has been developing IT solutions for the energy market since the beginning of liberalization, especially in the areas of load forecasting, load analysis and portfolio management. Trusting, long-term cooperation and constant communication with our customers helps implement projects in a very short period of time.

Products and services

  • SLP2GO (app for the price monitoring of electricity and gas load forecasts)
  • TT.MPK (futures market price curves for electricity and gas)
  • TT.WDM (web-based weather data module of all stations of the German Weather Service)
  • Custom programming services
  • Analysis & consultation

INIPRO is a time series management system for electricity and gas. It was developed with operational users of several energy and utility companies. It has been successfully used by approx. 700 users in Germany and abroad for over 10 years.
In a predominantly graphical interface, users can view forecasts for electricity and gas for any period of time, which makes the analysis, pricing and decomposition of the forecasts simpler to use and, as a result, faster and more efficient.

INIPRO can make considerable savings in working time wherever a standard spreadsheet program like MS Excel is in use.


Contact person

Klaus Balzer
Fon: +49 241 94 37 96-0
E-Mail: timpetools@balzer-partner.de



  • Bahnhofstraße 3
    37186 Moringen

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Bahnhofstraße 3
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