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Business development with the Balzer & Partner Framework

Building on the Business Model Canvas, Balzer & Partner uses a dynamic, quality-enhancing strategy and sales tool for targeted business development: the “Balzer & Partner Framework”. This model continuously reviews and develops business and sales processes. The “Balzer & Partner Framework” lets us visualize, evaluate and simulate everything, from sales strategies up to business models, holistically or in isolation at the product or service level. In this way, sales and business development go hand in hand. We work at the interface between market research, product development and marketing in order to develop customer relationships quantitatively and qualitatively.

Balzer & Partner can work for you in the following countries:

  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Norway, Sweden and Finland
  • Canada and USA
Business Model Canvas - Diagramm

The fundamental component of the “Balzer & Partner Framework” (BPF) include various elements of the Business Model Canvas as well as our own, complementary developments. We use this proven method to quickly determine essential parameters of a business model and/or a sales strategy. When working with the “Balzer & Partner Framework”, it is ideal when colleagues from various specialist departments (e.g. technology, sales …) and management participate. Together, we develop a realistic impression of the existing business model and/or the sales strategy, discover weaknesses and develop optimization potential.

Adapting the BPF expands the model and considers questions about market development in times of digitization. How can a competitive business model be developed that takes into account the fundamental business concept on the one hand and the rapidly changing markets on the other?

With the Balzer & Partner Framework we answer this question by dealing with the following topics

Once we have the fundamental elements for an innovative and adaptable business model in place using the “Balzer & Partner Framework”, we move on to campaign management. This step prepares a clean, valid data foundation in order to setup and efficiently run sales campaigns. This includes:

  • Align the right strategy
  • Setting campaign objectives
  • Address qualification and refinement of the existing data pool
  • Development of a personalized communication as well as marketing and sales strategy with a focus on the relevant contacts in the buying center
  • Training of employees
  • Campaign implementation and success measurement

A well-developed network with qualified addresses is one of the key factors for the subsequent acquisition of first and reference customers and the subsequent acquisition of new customers.

Market analyses are of central importance, particularly in times of the digital transformation with disruptive, rapidly developing and growing markets. On the one hand, they help prepare for possible risks and challenges and recognize the trends and requirements of the market at an early stage. On the other hand, also to better align business areas to market requirements and to identify potential for product innovation.

Balzer & Partner takes the necessary steps for your business:

  • Analysis of critical customer segments
  • Uncover of unknown purchasing behavior
  • Highlight market developments and trends
  • Competitor analysis with differentiators and competitive advantages

Before launching or selling a new product or service on a large scale, it is of great importance to first win your crucial first and reference customers. For most companies, this is not always an easy task to handle. It is important to take enough time to address potential first-time customers in a structured process and win them in a very convincing targeted manner. The burden of proof lies with the products and services that are unfamiliar to the customers. In order to be able to market and sell new products and services, you need a great deal of sensitivity, persuasiveness, knowledge of human nature and relevant information about the respective target groups. Balzer & Partner does all that for you.

The gained information from the market analysis and the evaluation of the data from the acquisition of first and reference customers now form the basis for approaching a larger scale of potential customers. With this newly acquired experience, we can increase the speed and the quantity of sales conversations. This certainty creates the trust that is urgently needed for the regular repeatability of sales results. Balzer & Partner supports you with arranging appointments with new customer and their decision makers, helps you establish relationships with new customers and relieves your sales staff so that they can concentrate on their daily core business.

Our sales development service is aimed at continuous improvement. We are not looking for a one-off effect, we want to maintain long-term success at the highest level possible and constantly improve our activities. This way, you are always up to date with your markets and customers.

On the one hand to be able to adapt to the markets and to guarantee a functioning day-to-day business, but above all to enable entrepreneurial development. Modern markets require flexibility that can only be mastered through agile management. This means: constant improvement and adaptation of your own sales activities and actions.

Taking this new sales approach requires courage and experience. However, if you want to stand out from your competitors, there is no way around it. Developing your corporate strategy with Balzer & Partner and meeting, or even better overachieving, the demands of your customers and potential target groups places you on the path to sales excellence.

The result of the previous phases is the continuous improvement of your business, which represents the foundation of and the next stage for development. The “Balzer & Partner Framework” does not only exist for visualizing purposes, but also provides specific help regarding design thinking und further development of your future corporate and sales strategies. The circle is complete.

At this stage, new ideas and concepts for how your company can meet market demand now and in the near future will be featured. The analysis includes market potential, new customer segments, product developments, business development and sales success. The next step will be to adapt the elaborated innovation to your corporate strategy using the “Balzer & Partner Framework”.

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